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  Gengiz Elbeye and Mohamed el-Fers in 1998

Cengiz Elbeye (1967-2010)
On Thursday February 11, 2010 we lost our longt time friend and two times Edirne Kırkpınar winner başpehlivan Cengiz Elbeye.

He died, 42-years old of brain tumor in a hospital in Antalya. Cengiz was married and had two children. That he may rest in peace.

On the pictuce the late Gengiz Elbeye (left) with Mohamed el-Fers, author of 'Kirkpinar'.


EDiRNE 2010
Latest on the National Turkish Championship Oilwrestling

  Kirkpinar 2010

The 649th Edirne Kirkpinar festival Week is from the Monday 21-Sunday 27 June 2010.

Friday 25th Opening Ceremony and first matches.

Sunday 27th of June: Finals.


Don't go to Edirne without the best book on oilwrestling in English!

  All about Turkish Oilwrestling: Kirkpinar

It is the oldest and most macho sport in the world and at last now there is a KIRKPINAR Book. So if you gonna head for Edirne, do not go without the international bestseller All about Turkish Oilwrestling.

And read that there is a Babylonian bronze that clearly proves that oil wrestling is at least 4650 year old.

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Together with the KIRKPINAR Book comes a Great Calendar for 2011, with raw hunks made to kinky art by M-Rat. To enjoy the pictures fron the book now at large and in Full Color. And you can have your calendars and books now available Worldwide!


Calendar 2011
The Art of Turkish Oilwrestling

  The Oil Wrestling Calendar 2007

This calendar covers 2011 with three years of the best of the European Championship in the Most Macho of All Sports: Amsterdam Kirkpinar I, II and III. It includes EXTRA's as material normally not shown. As a canal-cruise in Amsterdam. Even so called 'inactive' moments with the toughest guys on earth are exciting during and after the matches. Nothing on this fine DVD is faked, so be prepared to meet loads of real men and share the pleasures of young chubs and masculine wrestle-masters in full swing.

*Due to a high volume of fraudulent orders, does not accept orders from Nigeria or Ghana.


EK Oilwrestling now in the Swiss kanton of Thurgau

2005 EK in Swiss kanton of ThurgauUp till 2002 Oil Wrestling in the Netherlands were blooming as nowhere else outside Turkey. That year Mr. Wlodek Roszyk, volunteer at the Amsterdam Kirkpinar, had broken all the licentious with Türkevi and MokumTV, who brought Turkish Oil wrestling to Europe.

Mr. Roszyk, from Poland but living in Amsterdam, was 'not satisfied' with the organisation, believed that he could do better on his own. He launched himself, together with the Royal Dutch Power Sport Federation (KNKF Koninklijke Nederlandse Krachtsport en Fitnessfederatie) and the Dutch Olympic Wrestling Federation without saying a word to the people who brought Oil Wrestling to Amsterdam.

Backed by the KNFK and OWF Turkish athletes could no longer compete at any match in the Netherlands without permission of the organizations Mr. Roszyk was preciding, making it very difficult for the initiators to organize another Amsterdam Kirkpinar, as Türkevi is a cultural organisation and not a sport club and MokumTV is a local televisionstation.

foto mokumtvBut is all seems to be alright for the sport itself, as Mr. Wlodek's new officialdom and two national sport federations lifted things to a larger scale to attrack more people as the few thousands present at the Amsterdam Kirkpinar of Türkevi and MokumTV.

Now Mr. Wlodek Roszyk blames Türkevi that only 36 visitors (in stead of the many thousands expected) showed up on his own Oilwrestling Festival, leading to the complete breakdown of of oil wrestling in the Netherlands.

We regret that his actions caused the end of the annual Kirkpinar of Amsterdam and oil wrestling in Holland on a larger scale so far, but expressively deny hither responsibility and fully support The New European Championship of Turkish Oilwrestling in Switserland., organized by our friend Ali Topaloglu.

Mr. Ali from the Thurgau Kanton in Swiss was 'hakim' at all the Amsterdam Kirkpinars!

Visit that great site of our friend Ali Topaloglu from Frauenfeld at

LINKS: Oilwrestling in Switserland and pictures Frauenfeld Yagli Güres Turnuvasi

Review DVD Oil Over Europe 1
by Colin Smith

Bootlegged tapings of the broadcast of Amsterdam MokumTV hit the illegal market wordlwide. It was ethnic sport at its best! Some called it fetish hard-core action and the hottest thing of it's kind!

Certain it was all macho! For the fast growing number of fans of worlds oldest sport it was no secret:
The Best Videotapes Ever Made on Turkish Oilwrestling were not for sale. At least not on the legal market. This MokumTV stuff was great -- and seemed all the more exciting just because it was rare and unreleased. There was a great tape hunt, the quest to collect anything and everything that MokumTV ever broadcasted.

A feverish underground network of collectors has been at work trading tapes. Copies of copies of the poorest quality were sold or exchanged by the thousands.

And now at last, something of the true extent and value of much of the treasure long sought after by collectors is brought to light. The very best of those broadcasts are released in high quality on a bona-fide, hard-core single smashing DVD!

For those exhaustive and insatiable collectors, the "completists" who like to think that they've seen everything: I bet you never saw more hunks on one single video ever! Included are the prime years of the European Championships and extra bonusus of documentairies nehind the scenes! This DVD kicks OILWRESTLING into high gear!

Order the hottest action, you’ll be watching cool stuff and share the feeling. Produced by Türkevi and MokumTV.

You see the preparations and competition of the prime years of the European Championships.! As extra bonus historical footage about how oilwrestling was introduced in Western Europe. You witness the preparation witch lead to that smashing start in Amsterdam.

Be sure to obtain this great DVD with the best oilwrestling ever filmed!



A letter from New York

Action for more MokumTV DVD's on

Sure, that DVD Oil Over Europe I is great, not to say the best in this field so far.

But what about releasing more? The 635th Kirkpinar of Edirne, why don't they put that also on the market?

I myself own a VHS copy of that MokumTV broadcast, bought for no less than $40. Yes, an illicit copy of very meagre quality.

So, if the authorized stuff now can be bought for a little at, please, please, please, release that great stuff MokumTV made about the 635th Kirkpinar of Edirne.
With kindly regards,
Rocco Torinesi, New York NY.